Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits

I have had good results selecting books with labels like “International Bestseller” etc but this one is just okay for me. The marketing here is a bit misleading I believe and not judging a book by its cover is true. The title alone Atomic Habits suggest something more to me than just small things. But what annoyed me the most and sort of set the tone for the whole book is it opens with the author telling a story about an injury and trauma he had to work through when he was young. And bit by bit he recovered. To me suggesting that this is what qualifies him to write such a book you should sympathise and allow some concessions. And then continues to explain that he has no qualifications in psychology or any science.

There is nothing really deep or profound in this book at all. I think teenagers would be a good audience for it (I guess I wish it was marketed that way). Any functional adult will find most of it simply common sense that doesn’t really require discussion. I do not regret reading it as the way I see it if I have learnt one thing from a book it was worth my time. And the idea that small actions grow into bigger changes is nice.

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