Historic Camalig Restaurant

I always enjoy the Historic Camalig restaurant in Angeles City, Philippines. Fantastic old building and surrounding outdoor area. A really nice place to sit, eat and have a beer.

The Historic Camalig restaurant also has a unique pizza menu and one that really stood out to me was the Doy’s Kapampangan. This is not like a traditional pizza at all. Having a really unique combination of longganisa (skinless sausage) salted egg, pickle relish, onion and cheese.

Historic Camalig Restaurant


This is my version inspired by the Doy’s Kapampangan. The pizza is made from fresh pizza dough, pickle relish based pizza sauce, home made sausage, salted egg, onion and cheeses. The combination of ingredients is similar but the pizza base is different to Historic Camalig Restaurant / Armando’s pizza base.

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